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So we start to see what it's like to travel to a country in the South Pacific and convince everyone to go to Tonga.

Last year we had not visited any other Pacific islands except Australia and Hawaii, so we decided to have our own Survivor experience. We felt incredibly safe in Tonga, as every single local we met was friendly, welcoming and helpful. So we went to the largest island in the South Pacific and the only one to have rain, and experienced only one day of rain in the three weeks we spent there.

We found Tonga a friendly and pleasant place to visit, even though we did not expect it, and tourists were not targets during the unrest. Although we did not expect it to be a tourist destination, we found it more friendly and appealing - worth a visit. Although we were not expected to do so, tourists became targets during the riots. While we were on the rampage, our friend and admirer of the Tongan people, the locals, did not find Tonga friendly and appealed for visitors.

Before boarding a plane to Tonga, it is essential to take out travel insurance and travel health insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen illness, injury or accident during your trip. Direct flights are available, but a few domestic flights spoil you if you make the long ferry trip too seasick. You are not required by law to have travel or health insurance to visit TongA, so check the wording of the policy before you purchase so that you can travel to ensure your safety.

Tonga, Kiribati, Samoa, Micronesia and Tuvalu are small island states that have reported a single case of human trafficking from the United States to Tonga in the past two years. Passengers are allowed to enter Australia, but this restriction does not apply to transit passengers through the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands or South Africa.

Tourism is developing in a way that you can imagine a place like Fiji, but Tonga gets only about 10% of its tourism income from tourism. In fact, most tourists, if there are only a few, tend to visit Kiritimati before they reach it, and that's it.

If you want a great beach without having to take an extra flight, then Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is a better option. Tonga is less developed than Fiji, but cheaper than most of the other islands in the region. Since Tonganas is a developing country, prices for many things are much lower than in Fiji or other developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand or even the United States. Because Tonga is an industrialised country, prices for many things are very low, if not significantly lower, than in other developing countries such as Australia or New York.

Flights to Tonga from New Zealand are very affordable, and you can find specials for less than $150 USD. However, domestic flights to and from Tonga are expensive, but some specials are available on special flights from the USA, Canada, Australia, New York or even Australia and New England.

Dengue fever is a risk in Tonga and travelers should always protect themselves from mosquito bites to avoid it. Evacuating to Australia or New Zealand would entail high costs, so protect yourself from such expenses by opting for travel and health insurance. If your visit lasts less than 30 days, a visa is not required to visit Tonga, provided you have a valid passport, valid travel documents and good health insurance.

The journey is relatively easy if you get from Fiji (via Fiji Airways) to Nadi or Suva and from there you will not notice anything, because in Oceania there are many hotels, restaurants, shops, hotels and other tourist attractions.

Most flights are from Fiji and New Zealand, and there are no direct flights to the US, but the real Tonga airline flies from Nadi and Suva, as well as Auckland and Auckland International Airport in Auckland, Auckland Airport and Freetown Airport. Tonga is also served by a number of other airlines including Fiji Airways, Fiji Airlines and Fiji International Airways.

Current deals include flights to South Korea (including a flight from Seoul to Freetown, Seoul International Airport on a similar basis for PS3,569) and the Samoan 12-night Delight, which flies from Apia to APIA on similar bases (PS5,599). Air New Zealand (# 4149, @ airnewzealand), which is changing to Auckland and landing at Auckland Airport to fly back to Tonga, flying to Nadi, Suva, Fiji and Fiji International Airways. Cruises offers a UK trip from Auckland, with return flights from the UK to New York City, which offer the trip for $5,029, along with return flights between the UK and New Zealand for an average of $2,849.

Bermuda accepts tourists arriving by plane from abroad as long as they follow health protocols set by the local government, including a certified negative Covid 19 test. Auckland Airport offers international flights to Nuku'alofa, Nadi, Suva, Fiji and Fiji International Airways. You can also travel by sea from Tonga and other islands in the group, which explore the Chathams of the Pacific.

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More About Tonga