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Tonga is a nice place to spend a few days and watch whales, but there are not too many things to do. Tonga is for people who want to escape from mass tourism and experience the beauty of this remote island paradise. Whether you want to admire the marine biodiversity, explore the cave systems, hike through the rainforest or just take a day trip to Nuku'alofa Island, there is everything for you.

There are a number of beautiful beaches in Tonga, so it is the perfect destination if you want to spend a relaxing holiday, whether you are from Australia or New Zealand. Vava'u Island has some of the best snorkeling spots and there are also some excellent locations. There are also good surfing facilities and the world-famous surfing beach Nuku'alofa is located on the island.

If you are a diver or a lover of marine life, you can travel to Tonga and dive into the famous soft corals and swim with humpback whales.

Read more about swimming with whales on Tonga and how to plan and book your own experience here. The main attraction for tourists visiting Tonga is the opportunity to swim with humpback whales, which migrate to the island from July to October to breed and give birth to their young, so anyone hoping to see these whales should definitely go on a trip during these months. Tong can be visited all year round, but you want to make sure you get there during the humpback whale season. If you go to Tonga for a whale swim, be respectful and listen to your guide, chances are you're coming for the whales.

Although whales are seen all over Tonga, the places where they are most frequently and best sighted are in the north and south - in the east of the island where they breed. This is the season when the best surf is to be found and home to the largest number of humpback whales on the planet.

Tonga attracts tourists from all over the world, especially from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Australia. Flights from Tonga to New Zealand are very affordable and special offers can be found for less than $150 USD. However, domestic flights to Tonga are expensive and if you stay on the main island of Tongatapu, you will need to arrange a day trip to a neighboring island. Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is a better option for those who want a great beach without having to take an extra flight.

If you're planning a snorkeling holiday, take a trip to one of Tonga's most popular tourist attractions, Rarotonga National Park.

Let us show you how to participate by visiting the beautiful islands of the Kingdom of Tonga, along with our guide to the most popular activities in the Kingdom. Children in Tongatapu: 10 things to do in the main islands of Tonga are listed in our list of other things you can do.

The 68 small islands form the geological and geographical centre of Tonga and are characterised by a mixture of tropical, tropical and subtropical climate and tropical rainforest. Just ten minutes from Tongatapu is Pangaimotu Island, which boasts pristine beaches and incredible snorkeling waters. Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear lagoons or visit Alofa Bay, one of the island's most popular tourist attractions. On the main island of Tongitania, it is Atafu Beach that hosts the best surf waves in Oftonga.

There are not as many of the sprawling 177 Tongan Islands, which are third on the way between New Zealand and Hawaii, as there are in Tonga, but they are not as far from the main island as the other islands. A small apartment for bicycle rental is therefore easily the most convenient way to explore all the tourist attractions of Tongans in one day.

Getting there is relatively easy if you want to combine Fiji with a trip to Tonga, as there are many of the same tourist attractions as in Oceania. Most flights come from Fiji to New Zealand, but to get to the Tonga Islands you have to fly to Fiji, which makes them much more convenient than pampering five-star resorts and off the beaten track.

Most people come to Tonga to swim with humpback whales, as these giant mammals populate the coast from July to October. Take a boat trip and swim a few hours in the waters of the Pacific Ocean or just swim an hour or two on the beach in front of one of these huge whales.

Humpback whales come to Tonga to mate, calve and return to Antarctica, where they feed, and then return to the Pacific Ocean to mate again before returning to Antarctica and then back again after calving. They all benefit from it, as there are many snorkeling opportunities off the coast of the South Pacific and in the waters off North and South America. A special speaker for whale watching in Tonga is mounted on the hydrophone, which is on board the Neiafu catamaran Pheonix.

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