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I will spend 40 hours taking one direction to get to Tuvalu and convince everyone to go to Tonga. So we're starting to think what it's like to travel to a country in the South Pacific, right?

Those who visit Tonga as a cheap backpacker, forget their dream accommodation - the accommodations are already booked up for the high season 2020. If you are in Oceania and you find that you are unlikely to take a flight, the islands are peaceful and quiet and the food is cheap, it is relatively easy to get there. The advantage is that you never have a hard time moving, there are many restaurants, shops, hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions to choose from, but the island itself is peaceful and quiet.

Many Tongans will never be convinced by this concept, but if you can't wait until you own your life and retire or live on a retirement income, cash saving is the other way to get a condo. Land leased for 99 years gives you the opportunity to enjoy life, just accept nothing and live right here. Take your time, sit back, relax and laugh, because time is precious, at least for expats, and it is precious for you.

The only event where the clock monitors time are the regular tourists who flock to Tonga and the faithful boats of the world's cruise ships. It's a place for the casual guy who expects delays and tire bursts and amuses himself with the unexpected, but it shows how life should be taken.

Most people come to Tonga to swim with humpback whales, the giant mammals that populate the coast from July to October. If you stay ashore, you will probably see whales from all over the country swim past your guesthouse.

If you can visit Tonga at any time of the year but are short of cash and love the idea of being alone in paradise, choose the high season. Leasing is widely considered to be the best option for those who cannot buy land in Tonga and can only lease it. Even if you have the money to buy or lease a car, leasing is the preferred method to have what you want now, and it has its place. Leasing is not as easy as buying or leasing your car with cash, it is more expensive and generally not as good for you.

It is forbidden for both men and women to go topless in Tonga, so women should be careful to keep their knees and shoulders covered while staying in the resorts. In practice, however, it is fine for men to be topless on the beach, and business transactions can also take place. Sunday's practice is against the law to practice Inonga, but local women were spotted wearing vests and harnesses - above.

There are Tongan wrestlers and sumo stables and there are problems with cultural differences like the Sabbath, "he recalled. I have seen many dogs on the island, but I am not sure if they have escaped pets or just some kind of freestyle attitude. It is impossible to walk for more than ten minutes in Tonga and not come across a wandering pig. As I explored the islands, I saw hundreds of pigs walking from one side of the beach to the other without hearing any telltale grunting.

When the real Tonga added the MA60 to its fleet, New Zealand suspended $10 million in aid and issued a travel warning for the country. As a result, the parliament requested that a plot of land be guarded as part of Nuku'alofa.

The lease then changed hands to a major Tongan corporation, which wanted the cafe to stay to lure customers from other stores in the same block. The building was half owned by the Tonga government and half by a private company, with no real value to the owner. Since the company was too small to operate and make money from day one, the stock was sold to new owners for real value.

If you are looking for a lifestyle store on the island, this store could be perfect for you. Owning a profitable cafe in Tonga means owning a cafe and living the lifestyle of a South Pacific paradise. Tropicana has given you the opportunity to own the café, but also the chance to live and work on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

It is full of some of the most beautiful people on the planet and offers you the opportunity to explore dozens of islands and dive in clear waters. There are many beaches where you can swim, jump and swim at an affordable price. You come to Tonga to swim with humpback whales, charter a yacht, dive into clear waters and have the most beautiful view of a tropical island you have ever entered.

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More About Tonga