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In this post I have selected some of my favourite songs of the last years, which I will surely tell in this story. I decided to present the followers of this blog with a collection of songs based on the Tonga cart scene. You can see them all in the video below, but my favourites must be this one and that one below.

This song is closely inspired by an earlier song by Kohinoor (1960) and is dedicated to Calcutta, and Naushad gives the music to dekhe jadugari. Here the son sings to his mother, because there is a lot of singing, not only in Tonga but also in other languages.

The song was performed by Mohammad Rafi, a native of Punjab, and he adopted a boisterous voice that became famous in the Tongan Islands.

Most of the villages of the Tongan have preserved their own traditions and customs, and many traditional customs are an integral part of village life, making it one of the most diverse and culturally diverse countries in the world.

There was even a time when one of the sisters received an invitation to sing another song shortly after singing her musical number. The musical director composed the song without worrying about the beat, because he had a lot of leeway in view of the different musical styles and singing styles in Tonga and other languages. Rather than allow the main characters to indulge in their own escapades, the Tonga driver took both hands and insisted on singing along.

Human and divine at the same time, Tu'i Tonga is the embodiment of the Tongan people and is formally offered in a lavish ceremony called Inasi. The song is still a strong metaphor and it is still a popular song in Tongans, as well as in many other languages.

Tongan music is very diverse, as it is located on a relatively small island, which means that there are different cultures and styles, and the combination of these cultures leads to a unique style of hymn singing that combines Western tonality and form with traditional Tongan practices. As the popularity of this style spread, native Tongans began to compose their own hymns, incorporating elements of traditional tonga life into the lyrics. One of the first songs Meleseini learned to sing was the song composed by the late Queen Salote, which was called "Tonga Tonga" or "The Song of Tua Tu'i Tongo." The first song, which was learned in the Tongen alphabet, was sung by a group of young men, one of whom was called Tui Tula or King of Tongatapu, and the other was called Tuna.

At the Chikuni Tonga Music Festival, it also serves as a social expression that evokes emotions, memories and joy and helps to create and strengthen the boundaries of community and identity. The festival promotes and supports this by being an arena where a range of traditional music is presented, all supported and promoted by the use of a variety of musical instruments.

It is safe to say that the inventor of the tonga rhythm in Hindi films is Pankaj Mullick. The song follows the different steps of the tongae, but hooves and turnips are not on the same scale and do not correspond to the trot of the horse. Tonga's Ross Ma'u is shown playing a steel pan, played by a man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s. See for yourself, it's one of those songs that comes very close to the different tempo of Tonga.

Tonga is the oldest known site with samples from 2,800 years ago and is said to be made by some of the finest kavas in Tonga. Semisi describes himself as a "Tongaer" because he can combine reggae, blues, funk, rock and jazz. It is the least altered tongue, but there is much more to it, and it is a great example of a tongue with a rich history and a unique musical style.

As mentioned above, the Tongan music is very emotional and somewhat modern, with an instrumentation that includes modern wind instruments. Conversely, it may have been very primitive and consisted only of drums and voices, or it may have been very primitive. This is the only Tonga song composed by Kishore Kumar and OP Nayyar, two of India's most famous Tonga singers. The duet OP and NayYar is one of my favourite songs and has excellent yodelling from both. A playlist of Tongan songs compiled some time ago (see the most comprehensive list) Dominated with 14 out of 83 songs.

This includes some Tongan songs that I always played in my car, such as the song "Tongan Nui" from the film "The Phantom of the Opera."

I also have a handful of singles and EP's from Tonga that have been released, like "Tongan Nui" from the film "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Raat - kya - Kya Khwab dikhaye," which are sung in a sombre mood while playing Tonga at night. Although I absolutely admire Asha Bhosle in the "Tonga Songs" of her debut album "Bhagwati," they do not appear on this list.

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