Tonga Island

As you are planning to have a trip and spend your vacations in Tonga which is a beautiful island with low key resorts, scuba diving experiences, kayaking opportunities, awesome beaches, rugged coastline, yachting, snorkeling, rugged coastlines and much more then gather knowledge about all major aspects of Tonga which will help you in having a successful trip. In this place you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, blowing winds and much more.


Tourist Attractions in Tonga


1. Vava’u


It is one of the major destinations of Tonga to visit in between July and October which will give you the pleasure of swim with beautiful humpback whales. For exploring caves visit with yacht and also enjoy snorkel, diving, and the paradise of beaches.

2. Nuku’alofa


It is the capital of Tonga Island with the rarest combination of many cities with high buildings.

3. Ha’atafu Beach


There are lots of beaches on this beautiful island with beautiful white sand and turquoise water. It is a beautiful place to visit with white sand and sunset views.


Best hotel to stay in Tonga


* Mystic Sand: It is situated in the Utungake Village, Neiafu, this hotel offers you the facilities of Pool, Beach, parking and fully furnished rooms with proper maintenance.


* Sandy Beach Resort: This hotel is situated in the Ha’apai Foa Island it is a mid-range hotel which offers the facilities of beautiful resort, beach, free parking and a pool.


* Villa Ishadora: It is another hotel which is situated in the Vuna road ma’ufanga nuku’alofa which offers the facilities of free parking, breakfast, and beach.


Best restaurants to eat


* Bellavista Cafe & Restaurant: It is situated on the Fatafehi road which offers the facility of Italian food, Pizza, and cafe.


* Cafe escape: It is situated at the Nuku’alofa which offers the facility of Contemporary, Cafe and Vegetarian food.